The Roetest

We have extended our lab with a "Roetest", this is a computerised tube analyser far superior to
almost everything else I have found on the market.
Check here if you want to learn more about this machine

We offer

All suitable tubes can be supplied with detailed test protocol printed as color print.
This contains measured data, vacuum, short tests, transconductance aso. Price per tube: EUR 3,36 (net) / EUR 4,00.- incl. tax
Order code: GPR, please include with tube order if desired.

Additionally we can curvetrace them. Price is EUR5,84 (net) / EUR 6,95 incl. tax.
Order code GPRK, Please include with tube order if desired.

Finally: curve comparison:
Superposition of up to six curves in one curvesheet.
Standard curvetracing is included in this offer.
Per tube: EUR 10,84 net / EUR 12,90 incl. tax
Order code: GPRKV, please include with tube order if desired.

Sample printout

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